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Watson, Why?

To build awareness for Watson, a cognitive computer from IBM, we brought him to PAX East where he will go head to head with pro gamers. After the games kids can ask Watson "why" he made strategy choices.

IBM Watson
Effie Awards Semi-Finalist 2017

Memorization and test scores are replacing

a real understanding of subjects taught in school.


So we created Watson,Why?, a campaign that spans

Snapchat,YouTube,Twitch,and schools across the country 

to promote curiosity and understanding over memorization. 


The result?


Watson. Understood.


Watson takes on YouTube Let's Play superstars and Twitch Pro players at Pax East. 

The line up that Watson will play against gamers at Pax East. We will stream the action live on Twitch and YouTube!

Gina Abbatiello     Art Direction

Priscilla McGann  Post Production

Jennifer Fiorini     Copy

Karen Wong          UX 

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