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Tough Mudder is not a about winning a
medal. It is more than that. It’s an unforgettable
experience with lessons that you take into your

life every day after you cross the finish line.


For office recruitment.

We solve problems every day.

Big ones. Little ones.

We show up,

and we don’t give up.

We give a damn.


We are determined. Committed.

But we don’t do it alone.

We do it together.

So we already have what it takes.


Tough Mudder is like that.

It’s not a race.

It’s a challenge.

And we’re at our best when

we’re challenged.



On this course there are no titles

and no stopwatches.

We leave our egos at the office

and face the course —



every one of us together as equals.



We will find new strengths —

some we didn’t know we had —

and share them  with each other.



When we meet obstacles, we’ll find ways over, under, and through them.

And if you meet an obstacle you can’t do,

opt around it.


It’s ok to pick your battles.

Save it for the next time.

We won’t judge.


There’s no better place to face a fear

or challenge yourself

then when you have your crazy,

mud-soaked, supportive co-workers

right there with you.


Because that’s what a real team does.


Decide you’re going to finish,

and you will. 


This is your tribe.

Your time is now.






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