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I have also helped business clients start their own Instagram accounts.


The Last DriveIn on live Twitter event.

                         Thanks Joe Bob Briggs!



JoeBob retweet Shudder Live

10,500 impressions! A very big thanks to JBB and Shudder


Retweet by Joe Bob during Shudder's live TheLastDriveIn 99 likes/ 10,000 impressions

Lucio Fulci retrospective

The look on your face if you've missed this series!


Screen Slate series at Anthology Film Archives

Ready to pain the town Giallo!

Giallo Fever 2 - film series at Anthology Film Archives

My weekend just got better!

Creepshow plays at IFC Center in 35mm!

Demon Seed

Screen Slate's horror series at Anthology Film Archives

Giallo Fever 2

Jennifer Connelly and a cast of insects - in glorious 35mm!

Lucio Fulci retrospective

No Halloween is complete without a trip to The Beyond - Lucio Fulci x3

Christopher Lee retrospective

IFC Center granted us a second screening!

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