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In 1977 two sisters who sang with Blondie raised $500 and opened America's first Punk Rock boutique on St. Mark's Place in New York City. Their outrageous hair dye made them legends. Every decade Manic Panic's popularity has grown. No other brand has the raw authenticity and street cred of Manic Panic .   



We’re for the nonconformists.
And punks.
We’re rebels who keep kicking against
the pricks.
You call us malcontent. Misfits.
We know we don’t fit in.

Never have. Never will.
It’s not the point.

We love who we are.
We revel in the freedom we’ve found
embracing the power to recreate ourselves and you.
We give you the tools to outwardly express what lies within.
You’re artists.


Creators of things not yet imagined.
You push boundaries and blur lines
challenging yourself to rethink

what defines you.
We applaud the power of the underground,
audacity,and angst.
We’re manic about the way you

express yourself,

no matter how extreme.

Show  us

how  You


on Snapchat and we'll be 

streaming you on our homepage

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