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The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Opens Tonight —

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is back for it's second year, and this time it promises more kick-ass films to satisfy even the most hardcore horror fan. The opening night film Housewife, screening at Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn, has been sold out for weeks. There are still some tickets left for several films but they are going FAST!


This film has been getting a lot of buzz, and I'm surprised it hasn't sold out

yet. Set to revitalize, and possibly elevate, the "found footage" genre, 1974 is a haunted house film complete with possession, an otherworldly "anything could happen" atmosphere, and a great old school 8mm aesthetic. This sounds like one you don't want to miss.

Check the link for tickets.


After surviving a savage attack at the hands of her own husband, and the loss of her child - Clementina returns to her empty apartment. Is her husband still after her, or is there something more malevolent haunting her home? To see the film get tickets here - A Q&A with lead actress Cecilia Cartasenga and writer Diego A. Fleischer makes this a must see!


There are still some tickets left to see Mayhem. If you're a horror fan then Joe Lynch doesn't need much of an introduction. The director of one hell-of-a good sequel, Wrong Turn 2, and podcast The Movie Crypt , Mayhem stars Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead's favorite dumpster diving pizza delivery guy) and Samara Weaving. Director Joe Lynch will be on hand for a Q&A - a SERIOUS don't miss!

Tickets here

I'll be posting more soon, but in the meantime just do yourself a favor and check out Brooklyn Horror Film Fest's site

Update -

Tragedy Girls has SOLD OUT at Nitehawk Cinema

Update Saturday 10/14

Last night's Mexico Barbaro 2 was a fast-paced gore ride with a little something for everyone. Added bonus — Director Sergio Tello Q&A!

Mayhem is sold out but you can try the standby line at the Kumble Theater

There is still room to catch Cold Hell at 6 also at the Kumble Theater!


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